Various activities

We have explored more of the city on foot.  (Photos are in no particular order.)

We have a sculpture park that we often walk through on our way to the lake.  Interesting sculptures! We also find it interesting that people here like to bring a tent to the park (supposedly not allowed) for a picnic and afternoon.

We have eaten out several times, having a variety of food.

During the two weeks in March that we were all in the office, we did have a wonderful meal at SeongHan’s (MCC staff) house with all staff and family.  On Easter those of us in Chuncheon also gathered at his house for a lovely Easter dinner.

We have had a couple of office visitors.  And when more than one of us is in the office, we try to have 3:00 tea together.

And at home we have played games and put puzzles together. At one point we kept getting colder and colder. We realized that there seemed to be no heat. (We cannot control the heat; the heat is by hot water through the floor.) We finally asked one of our staff to contact our landlord, and yes, there had been no heat since April 1. (Outside temperatures were in the low 40’s at night.) There is no heat because the water pipes are corroded and there is a plan to redo them–but not this spring!

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