April 30 & May 1

We celebrated Buddha’s birthday April 30 and Labor Day on May 1.  On Buddha’s birthday, we hiked up our nearby hill where we had discovered a small Buddhist temple.  The temple was colorfully decorated with lanterns which had wishes/hopes attached.  Since the temple was open, we were able to go inside the temple and look around the grounds.

On May 1 SeongHan (MCC staff) took us to Seoraksan Mountain National Park and the coast. 

Seoraksan is the highest mountain in our province in eastern South Korea.  It is the third highest mountain in South Korea. We hiked about 4.5 miles round trip – down and then up.  The scenery was stunning.  Our local meal in the middle of the hike was delicious.

From there we went to Yangyang, located on the coast and visited Naksansa Temple which is a Korean Buddhist temple complex.  It also had the lanterns strung for Buddha’s birthday.  Naksansa was founded in 671. The temple mount is crowned by the Buddhist statue of Haesugwaneumsang ( Bodhisattva of Mercy), standing 49 feet high on a 9.2 ft high pedestal and  was dedicated in 1977. It is the largest Buddhist statue of its kind in the Asia

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