We recently visited a possible SALT/YAMEN placement.  It is located about 170 miles south of us and was an all-day adventure by car with our MCC Connecting Peoples person.  Bonacom (“bon”=good; com=community) is a religious intentional community located in a small village.  There are 5 families in this location, each having their own home but sharing things in common. 

They are located in a very rural beautiful mountainous region and focus on organic farming.  They raise chickens on organic feed which they make themselves, using rice bran as its base.  They raise rice so have much bran available.  (We were sad to see the chickens kept in pens, however.)  They get about 1000 eggs a day!

They are raising vegetables by hydroponic methods.  Interesting to see all the delicious-looking greens.  They send their produce all over the country.

The community was 12 families but recently 7 have moved to a different area so there are many empty buildings.  They hope that others will join them.  They have improved the village since they started, planting many flowers, building a community building.

We had lunch in a local restaurant – tofu in a chili broth with condiments.

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