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We realize that we have not posted any blog since we returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand at the end of February—and this is the end of April!  What has happened during those two months?  Sure not what we expected.  Looking back at that blog, feels like years ago!

At the end of that trip, we noted that the MCC team had decided, in the best interests of health, to work from home for two weeks.  We did so.  We all returned to the office for about 2 weeks.  Then the South Korean government called for more “social distancing” and the cancellation of large group gatherings, including closing schools and church services.  Two of our MCC staff live in Seoul, about a 1-hour train ride from Chuncheon.  They also both travel on crowded subways in Seoul in order to get to the train.  So, it was decided that it was an individual choice as to whether to come to the office or to work from home.  We would follow this until schools were open.  It now seems that most things will open after May 5—though not the schools.

Thus, our March and April have been quite different.  We have both worked at home but also gone to the office some days.  We have spent lots of time exploring the various trails along the rivers and lakes and the hill near us.  (Photos are in no particular order.)

The photos above are along the rivers and lake. We also have a hill near us that we sometimes hike.

As the weather became warmer, our walks became longer.  The bikes were finally tuned and we did several bike rides—one around the lake, about 20 miles.

Since non-essential travel is discouraged, we have only been out of the city once – to attend a meeting in Seoul.  We have not been able to see many of the historical and beautiful sites we had hoped.  But we have seen Spring arrive in Chuncheon – with all the beautiful color of spring flowers.  cherry tree blossoms, forsythia, magnolia, lilacs, azaleas, tulips, hyacinth, spiraea, red bud, plum tree blossoms, dandelions, violets, and others we cannot identify.

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