Friends, Old and New (continued) – Phoenix

We spent two nights in Phoenix and met new friends (Deb and Rachel) through the SERVAS organization.  Besides, learning to know them, we visited the Museum of Musical Instruments and took one hike in the Squaw Peak area.

thumb pianos

thumb pianos

The Museum of Musical Instruments opened only 6 years ago and is one not to be missed.  At any one time more than 6,500 instruments from over 200 countries are on display.  Generally, the displays are arranged geographically with a few special spaces.  Museum goers are given special headsets.  These audio guides provide the sound tracks for videos at more than 300 sites.  The guides automatically cue to the exact sound track when viewing a video so that each visitor has their own tour.  Many of the instruments were donated by the makers or the musicians who owned them.

We took a short hike with Deb and Rachel on a trail which was familiar to us.  Even though they have lived in Phoenix for a number of years and have gone on hikes, this trail was new to them.  In the evening they invited some of their friends to share supper with us.  In the morning, Sally Jo picked tangelos and grapefruits to take with us.

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