Friends, Old and New (continued) – Tucson

As we are writing this blog, we realized we have a theme—Friends.  We visited many friends along the way and also in Tucson.  But when we looked at our photos from Tucson, we discovered we have pictures of only one friend!  I guess we spent too much time talking, playing pickle ball, or watching March Madness basketball with them.  We do have photos of Harold’s new tree house and his lovely home.

When we were not with our friends we hiked.  We did one short hike in the Tucson Mountains, and then three longer hikes in the Sabino and Bear Canyons area—Seven Falls, Blackett’s Ridge, and Phoneline trails.  We have many, many photos of cacti, flowers, hills, trails.  It was a beautiful time to be hiking; it was not too hot, the desert flowers were blooming.  One day we drove up Mt Lemmon to the 9,000 ft summit and even saw snow.

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  1. michelle Says:

    Beautiful! I should go there! 🙂

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