Vientiane Scenes

When we were here in February, we saw mainly Buddhist Wats (temples) around the city. We didn’t get to see much else. Living here for two months allows us time to become much better acquainted with the city.

We often take early morning walks. Morning is the only time it is somewhat cool and is a good time to explore our area. The Mekong River is about a 10-15 minute walk from our house. There is a nice walk along the river which is frequented by other early morning exercisers. When we arrived the river was quite low. Recently there has been much rain over the entire Southeast Asia region and the river is very high. Fishing is done in this river.

We have enjoyed Lao food, sharing meals with staff in the office or at restaurants with friends or just the two of us. In fact, we could write a long blog just on food—but we won’t! Vientiane has an incredible array of good food at inexpensive prices (according to North American standards).

Markets intrigue us. There are a number of them around the city and we enjoy just browsing. It’s a great way to learn about Lao culture.

As we walk the streets there are many small vendors selling most anything one wants! We have noticed that empty sidewalks do not make any sense. Why waste the space if you need to park your car or if you need space to set up your outdoor café?

Other common sights? Busloads of tourists and many young backpackers. Construction everywhere in the city. Fascinating variety of building styles. And Wats (temples) everywhere.


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