Arusha National Park

After our meetings were over we needed to spend 2 nights in Arusha, Tanzania, waiting for our return flight to Entebbe / Kampala.  Arusha is in a beautiful setting next to Mt Meru.  During our full day there we used an MCC car to visit Arusha National Park.

Just inside the park gate we were soon surrounded by zebra and giraffes, and nearby was a herd of buffalo. We continued down a gravel road in the direction of the extinct volcanic cone of Mt Meru. Near the other side of the park we hired an armed ranger to escort us on a game-viewing hike. We passed another large herd of buffalo and were able to get quite close to several giraffes. Eventually we found our way to a nice waterfall. On our return we spotted a little dikdik under some brush. After our hike we drove to a lake filled with flamingos. On our way out of the park we passed a small group of zebra next to some acacia trees with misty rain in the background.  It was a very enjoyable day!

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