Northeast Uganda

We recently took a small plane to the northeast corner of Uganda to visit MCC partners and attend a special celebration for the education project among the Ik, a small marginalized ethnic group who live in close proximity to the Karamajong. The Ik subsist by hunting and gathering their food whereas the Karamajong are pastoralists with large herds of cattle. The MCC project helps to pay for school fees and other necessities for over 60 Ik children from Kamion who attend secondary school in Kaabong.

On Friday morning our 12-seater plane left from Kampala, near Lake Victoria, and took us to Kaabong after 2 ½ hours and 2 stops along the way. We stayed there overnight and then the next day went 1 ½ hours by 4-wheel drive vehicle over a small rough dirt road to Kamion for the celebration. Then we returned to Kaabong and continued on to Kotido where we spent Sunday with two MCC service workers and their host partners. Monday morning we returned to Kampala from Kotido by plane.

It was a very interesting time with opportunities to interact with Ik as well as Karamajong, and the scenery was a huge contrast to the lush green that we see in Kampala.

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  1. Marlis Says:

    I was so excited to finally have time to visit your blog. Lovely pictures! I’m on spring break so I have 13 days of no studies! The country of Uganda looks beautiful.

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