Catching Up (part 4)

We left for our most recent travels (about 2700 miles) to Winnipeg, Manitoba just as the leaves in our yard were beginning to turn.  On the way and in Winnipeg we visited many friends.  One friend was on retreat at Collegeville Institute at St John’s community in Minnesota.  What a beautiful setting for research, painting/writing, and retreat.  (We were able to see a page of the St John’s Bible.)  We also stopped in northern Minnesota and visited with friends we had not seen since our Haiti days in the late 1970’s.

Sally Jo had never been in North Dakota before and wasn’t sure she had missed much as we drove for miles through flat country.

In Winnipeg we spent an entire day in the MCC office, meeting many people we had only corresponded with while living in Uganda.  We also spent two fun evenings with a woman from Uganda (MCC helped sponsor her travel) who is now studying at the University of Manitoba.  And another evening was spent with former MCC Tanzania reps now living in Winnipeg.  We stayed with our very good friend whom we met in Indonesia and who is now also studying at the University of Manitoba.  We walked along a very cold and windy beach of Lake Winnipeg.

We drove home via the north side of Lake Superior.  The views were fantastic!  Saw 3 moose—1 dead on the hunter’s truck, 1 stuffed in front of a shop, and 1 live by the side of the road.

Even after the beautiful views up north, we enjoyed the autumn colors in our own front yard!

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  1. Gerald Miller Says:

    Great Blog with bueatifull pictures. We want to see pictures of Sedona on the next blog.

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