We will soon be leaving Indonesia again.  This blog entry is really just a random, meandering mixture of photos and memories that were not included on the SST blog posts.  (We have many more photos also!!!!!)

  • Terus
  • Belok kanan di pintu
  • Belok kiri
  • Belok kanan di sana
  • Terus
  • Belok kiri
  • Rumah saya di sini

Instructions given every time we return home in a GoCar (taxi).  The common method for transportation if you don’t have your own, is GoCar or GoJek.  GoCar is on the order of Uber or Lyft and GoJek is the same except it is a motorcycle.  It has been very convenient because we may not always know exactly where we are going but we can just order a GoCar and we get there!  When coming home, we always need to give more detailed instructions when they get to our neighborhood.  The one street we enter is quite narrow.  We say

We attended the Mennonite Church most Sundays.  We realize that we did not get good photos of the outside of the church or of Ibu Yanti, the pastor; however, we did include one of Yanti and Paulus here anyway.  (It was taken in 2015.)  Yanti’s husband, Pak Paulus, sometimes preached but he was a lecturer at the university.  Both studied at AMBS.  Nearly every Sunday we ended the service saying the Apostle’s Creed.  One International Sunday, we were all encouraged to wear special clothing.  It made for a very colorful congregation.  We have included a photo that someone else took even though it is quite blurry.  One evening we were invited to present a program on our 50 years of various activities.

Speaking of religious institutions – we have numerous mosques and two churches in our immediate neighborhood.

This is the Mount Merapi Museum.  We visited it one day to see if it would be a place to recommend taking students.  We found it fascinating – and we also found it full of elementary and middle school students!  Another day we visited one of the suppliers (APIKRI) for Ten Thousand Villages which has offices in Yogya .  Andrea had sent us the contact information.  We may have more photos from there later.

We have been working with a team of about 20 people at the university.  There is a coordinating team of 12 plus others who do various jobs.  One group were the language teachers (two teachers plus the coordinator).  The overall team leader is Arida who is head of the International Education office and also teaches English.  After our SST students went on service, she asked us to speak to one of her classes about tips for working with foreigners.  On one of our last days before leaving Yogyakarta, we hosted the special group of people who helped us with the program.  We also met the Rektor (President) of the university in his office area to give our thanks.

Some photos from our immediate neighborhood.

Its always calming to return to our home.  There are trees, birds, butterflies, and quietness.  We met this father and child on the road near our house one day.

I learned that the purple flowers on the hedge near our house make tea.  One of the participants in the Saturday morning yoga/tai chi session showed me.  After we exercise, we sit down and have a cup of tea – and for some, fresh soy milk.  She said the tea from these flowers (don’t know the name) is supposed to be good for the eyes.

And Sunday evenings were spent playing Scrabble and eating Yoder’s popcorn (until we emptied the bag we brought).  Ibu Gati has come 3 mornings a week to clean and wash clothes.

We like to walk.  However, most Indonesians don’t walk in the city—and there is good reason.  The sidewalks are not built for walking.  They are used for parking, setting up shops, placing planters or street poles.  When walking one needs to be on the alert for motorcycles zooming out of tiny side streets that you may not even be aware of.  There are no photos of the most difficult places because we were concentrating on navigating the section safely!  It seems that pedestrians are the lowest peg on the traffic scale.  There are a few places where the sidewalks are pleasant.  And then there is the unexpected street crew digging holes in our route.  It made for a long detour!







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