Around Yogykarta

One more blog of our own activities these last six weeks.  Three photos from around our neighborhood.

We visited Ullen Sentalu Museum, a Javanese culture and art museum.  It houses relics and artifacts from the royal houses of Central Java plus sculptures.  A beautiful setting.  (No photos allowed inside.)

We ate lunch one day at a mushroom (jamur) restaurant.  Everything on the menu was made with mushrooms.  They also sold many varieties of mushrooms.  It was interesting that several days later we visited a possible host family whose business is growing mushrooms—8000 logs!  We had not realized that mushrooms were so popular.

We took a walk down Malioboro Street.  This is one of the main tourist attractions and one of the busiest business districts of Yogyakarta.  It extends for one kilometer and apparently it is busy 24 hours a day. We went in the morning and by the time we left at noon, it was very crowded.  We actually had not been here since 2001 but not much has changed – just more crowded.  It was also interesting that during our several hours of walking around, we saw only 5 other Westerners.  The majority of tourists to Indonesia are from Malaysia, Singapore, Timor Leste, China, and Australia.

We probably will not post much – if any – blogs on our personal site for at least the next six weeks.  If you are interested in seeing what we are doing, follow us at

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