Sipi Falls Hike

Sipi Falls consists of a series of three waterfalls, each beautiful in its own right. During our stay we took a three-hour hike to visit all three falls. We took a guide with us, as was recommended, to ensure that we stayed on the best paths.  The paths were rather muddy and slippery in spots due to recent rains.  We had to watch out for and avoid streams of safari ants several places. (They can be vicious if they get on your legs!) But the hike was very enjoyable and gave us a good workout.

3 Responses to “Sipi Falls Hike”

  1. John Yoder Says:

    Like the photos. What is your travel camera? I’m looking for something smaller than the DSLR.

  2. sally Says:

    We have a Panasonic Lumix 10 Mega Pixels. For the most part we are happy with it. Sometimes we prefer our better camera.

  3. Joyce Says:

    Looks like a lovely spot….Leroy got me a wireless card for our anniversary and now i can vies these wonderful things without going to the library….thanks for sharing….look forward to your return!!

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