Nepal Retreat (3)

The retreat itself was very good.  The location was beautiful and the vegetarian cuisine was outstanding.   We could have taken photos of every meal because the plates were so artistically arranged.  The first day we enjoyed the lovely hills and then the mountains appeared two of our five days.  What a view!

We stayed in small, simple cottages.  We had a toilet in ours but needed a 5 minute hike up and down the hill to get to the shower.  The photo we have of the inside of our cottage actually does not show the sleek lines of design because we brought one of the beds down from the loft so that one of us could be near the toilet- sick for more than a day.

We had sessions every morning with optional activities in the afternoon.  It was a very relaxful, laid-back retreat with lots of time just for visiting.  We learned to know the service workers and the SALT/YAMEN young people.  We met a couple who have been in Afghanistan but are moving to Bangladesh.  Even though few of you reading this will know anyone (other than us!), we have included a photo of the whole group.

At the end of Retreat we travelled back to Kathmandu (by bus) and spent the final night there.  We had a free morning before our flight and again had fun walking the streets.

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