Nepal Retreat (1)

The MCC service worker retreat for our area was held in Nepal at Namo Buddha Resort in Nepal about 41 km southeast of Kathmandu.  There were about 20 MCCers from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, including Area Directors.  We first gathered in Kathmandu.  About 15 of us took a bus about ¾ of the way to the Resort and then hiked 9 ½ km to the resort.  It doesn’t sound very far but it took us about 2 ½ hours.  Some parts were fairly level but more than half of the way had very steep sections.  It was a great hike but tiring!  Most of these photos are from that hike.  Very interesting countryside, villages, and homesteads.

One afternoon an optional activity was to hike through several villages near the resort. There are a few photos from that hike.   But we realize that we didn’t photograph some of the most interesting experiences.  We came upon some women dressed in red and dancing in the street.  We learned that they were still celebrating a wedding – and seemed to have done a fair amount of drinking!  We stopped to see a small Hindu shrine and were able to talk (in English!) with a local resident.

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