A Week at Ugly Apple Farm

Our main purpose – other than spending time with family – was to build a yurt for Lucy.  (Ugly Apple Farm has a Facebook page where you can see more of what is happening on the farm.)  Jessica had done the research and much of the calculating so all we needed to do was to help put it together!

We went to two lumber yards and hardware stores to obtain the wood, etc.  We then had to work on days that we didn’t have rain!  There was measuring, sawing, painting, drilling, hammering, adjusting, and contemplating.  We built a platform about 3 feet off the ground.  Then set up the wall, attaching a cable around the top.  We set the roof on top of the cable leaning in at the top so that it held itself up.  It was not easy but it did all go together in the end.

Loading the lumber on to the trailer:

Measuring and sawing the boards for the platform:

Location and leveling the area for the platform:


Building the platform:

Measuring, sawing, painting the walls and roof:

Steps built and decorated:

Measuring cable

Drilling holes for nails and putting pieces together:

Standing up the wall:

Putting up the roof:

Cutting the door:

Finished product:

Jessica will now sew the cover out of heavy weather-proof material.  It will even have a fringe around along with a door and two or three windows.

Cutting and fitting the cloth:

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