Marrakesh to Essaouira

It was a day’s drive between the two cities but we made only three main stops along the way.  We stopped in a small town that is known for its melons.  (A red mark on the melon means it is from this particular town.)  We sampled and then bought several.

Our next stop was at a woman’s house for lunch.  It  was a woman that OAT has chosen to help.  (As we understand it, a local OAT representative finds people in particular need.  OAT provides them with some money and they in return do something for us travelers—meal, activity, culture instruction, etc.  After a year or two, contacts change so that OAT can help more families.)  This woman was a cook for festivals and had used some of her money to buy a chest freezer.  She told us that she sometimes needs to cook thirty chickens for a wedding!

Our next short stop was with a farmer.  He is renting land and doing various types of farming.

Our last stop was an overlook of Essaouira.  It was hot and hazy so not a very good photo.

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